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Discover our Boat Concierge Service

The Leelanau Boat Co. Concierge Service is an excellent way to use your boat without the hassle of launching and storing it. The professionals at Leelanau Boat Co. provide IN & OUT boat service.

In and Out Boat Storage Benefits

  • No-Hassle Boating.

    Call us to schedule a launch 24 hours in advance, and we will prepare your boat for departure. Then, let us know a ½ hour before you’d like your pick up, and we will come to grab your boat!

  • Climate-Controlled Storage.

    We store your boat in our indoor climate-controlled storage facilities to protect your boat from any warping, mold, or other environmental damage.

  • Meet Us at the Lake.

    Drive over to the Lake Leelanau Boat Launch, and we will meet you there to launch your boat so you can go out to enjoy the water!

  • Exclusive Services Options.

    Our boat concierge members get exclusive access to additional service options like fueling up your boat, boat detailing, water sport accessories, ice, and more!

  • Six Days a Week.

    Our summer boat concierge service includes 24/7 climate-controlled storage half a mile from the launch. We provide our In/Out services six days a week from 10 am – 6 pm.


How Our Concierge Boat Service Works

When you enroll in our boat concierge program, we will start by storing your boat in our indoor climate-controlled storage all summer. When you want to use your boat, give us 24-hour advance notice and schedule a launch at Lake Leelanau at a time that works for you. Meet us at the Lake Leelanau launch at your preferred departure time, jump on your boat, and we will launch you.

After a fun day out on the water, call us 30 minutes before the time you would like to be picked up and meet us back at the Lake Leelanau Launch.

We will come to pick up your boat while you jump in your car and head to your next adventure. We will return your boat to our secure storage half a mile away! This service is available all summer long from 10 am to 6 pm, six days a week.

Are you interested in our boat concierge service? Contact us to check for service availability! We are limited in how many members we will accept to ensure we give the best care.

Boat Concierge Service Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule your boat launch, simply contact Leelanau Boat Co at least 24 hours prior to your preferred departure time and meet us at the Lake Leelanau Boat Launch to pick up your boat.

Call Leelanau Boat Co 30 minutes before your desired pick-up time to return your boat and meet us back at the Lake Leelanau Boat Launch.

We store boats in our climate-controlled storage facility located ½ mile from the Lake Leelanau Boat Launch. This ensures that your boat will be safe and protected from harsh weather while you aren’t using it!

We offer our in and out boat services six days a week from 10 am – 6 pm. This service starts at the beginning of the season on “insert start date” and ends at the end of the season on “insert end date”.

We also offer exclusive services to our members, like fueling your boat, boat detailing, inner-tube access, and ice on request. Our goal is to remove all the hassle of boating and give you more time to enjoy life on the lake!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to answer them for you!