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Michigan Winters Are Always Approaching!

We love our summers up north, but we all know what’s coming…. With harsh Michigan winters, we want to make sure your boat is in the best condition for the snowy season! We offer boat inspection and winterization on all water and mechanical systems. These services include winterization on boat systems, engines, water heaters, water tanks, oil tanks, drive fluid changes, and oil analyses (which are recommended yearly). We provide outdrive preventative maintenance, removal and inspection of drive (we recommend removal and inspection every two years – or however many years is recommended from the boat manufacturer).

Discounts Available

We offer PRE end-of-the-season discounted rates and recommend that our customers book our winterization services before the winter season. We want you to have the best rates, and want to make sure you can get your boat in to be winterized before the first snowfall! Fill out our service request for more information or to book your spot!

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